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Few have heard of Tarakan, an island located off East Kalimantan’s north, but developers there are confident it will one day be known as Indonesia’s “Little Singapore” and are looking to Bali’s success story to realize their dream.

The Bali Tourism Board (BTB) recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Tarakan municipality administration to increase awareness of the island as a tourist destination, including by advertising the location in Bali’s promotional forays, such as websites, road shows and in brochures.

“The potential for tourism in Tarakan may well complement Bali’s tourism industry and other tourism spots in Indonesia,” BTB spokesperson Sang Putu Subaya told The Jakarta Post during a visit to Tarakan.

“The more varied and numerous our offers, the more interested tourists become in visiting Indonesia,” he said.

Tarakan is approximately a third the size of Singapore and is home to 180,000 year rounders.

The slogan “Little Singapore”, which was pushed by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono during his visit to Tarakan, derives from the island’s original function as a transit point for people entering and exiting Indonesia.

Tarakan’s municipal administration has imposed some of Singapore’s stringent hygiene regulations, including a strict waste-disposal system that requires that residents separate organic from inorganic garbage.

The island last year won the Adipura award for excellence in environmental management.

To support a surge in tourist numbers, the administration has built a 45-kilometer road that recalls Jakarta’s famous Thamrin boulevard as well as the newly completed Juwata International Airport.

The Bali Tourism Board has said it will promote Tarakan in international events such as the annual Bali Arts Festival, which runs from June to July every year, and assist in developing the island’s tourism workforce by training tourist guides and restaurant staff.

I Gede Putu Erawati of the Bali chapter of the Association of Indonesian Travel Agencies (ASITA), said Tarakan was similar to Bali in terms of cultural attraction.

She listed a number of potential tourist attractions on the island, including the Round House — a defensive structure built by the Australian armed forces; the Japanese Crematory Monument, Loghraf (an air-raid bunker) and the Tidung tribe traditional home.

“The promotions must be as inviting as possible, including prices, because Tarakan is a relatively new destination despite its legacy of being a transit port to the Kalimantan region,” Erawati said.

She said Tarakan was also like Bali in that it had beautiful sand beaches — including Amal Lama and Amal Baru, adding that they were a crucial element in the tourism development plan, and could be incorporated into projects such as the planned Waterboom park.

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