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Boat Safari Guide - Compare Tanzania with Australia

These Ratings have been compiled from a Survey of Visitors to The Tanzanian Islands who have previously experienced a holiday in Australia.  
Category Tanzanian Islands Australia
Easy access to Flights
Unspoiled by tourism
Beautiful ports
Amenities and Restaurants
Ancient sites
Secluded anchorages
Spectacular scenery
Easy sailing conditions
Fishing Opportunities
Dive Sites
Fertile and lush vegetation
Australia Sailing Areas

Western Australia, Cairns & the Great Barrier Reef, Fraser Island, Hamilton Island, Murray River, Perth, Hobart & Tasmania, Western Australia, Sydney, The Whitsundays, Pittwater & Hawkesbury.

Articles - Reef Watch Australia  

Mr Garrett says cyclone Hamish caused significant damage when it moved down Queensland's east coast two weeks ago.

The Queensland Seafood Industry Association (QSIA) wants the reef declared a disaster zone.

Mr Garrett says the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority is keeping a close eye on conditions.

"The reef is our most important national and international coral reef system and it's a treasure of Australia's which requires us to have the most exacting and absolutely comprehensive protection," he said.

Mr Garrett says he has not received a formal proposal, but he is monitoring the situation.

"My expectation is that the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority will monitor closely conditions on the reef," he said.

"We'll certainly be making sure that any measures that need to be taken to deal with damage, which is significant."

But dive operators in the Whitsundays say attaching the term 'disaster zone' to the southern section of the Great Barrier Reef will give tourists the wrong impression.

The QSIA wants the Queensland Government to declare a natural disaster over the southern part of the reef so members can be compensated for the loss of fish stock caused by cyclone Hamish.

Whitsunday Charter Boat Association spokesman Greg Lambert says dive operators in his group have not seen any significant damage.

He says using the term 'disaster' would be wrong.

"You can imagine if you're a tourist wanting to come from overseas and dive the Great Barrier Reef and you read in the media that it's been destroyed, declared a national disaster area, you're not going to come," he said.

"Our industry brings $500 million a year into this area and it could be disastrous for us."

Article from ABC News Australia - click here for more


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