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These Ratings have been compiled from a Survey of Visitors to The Tanzanian Islands who have previously experienced a holiday in the Middle East.  
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United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Bahrain, The Gulf, The Red Sea Riviera (Egypt)

Articles - Middle East Tourism News  

Dubai presents first Middle East Tourism Marketing Summit.
Tuesday, 31st March 2009
Source : Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing

Dubai has been selected as the host destination for the inaugural Middle East Tourism Marketing Summit, which will take place in December 2009.

Under the Patronage of Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, and supported by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the event has been hailed as an “essential platform for tourism marketing professionals in the region to support their business growth strategies and ensure return on investment on marketing allocations” by organisers and supporting partners.

“The Summit is an opportunity for tourism industry professionals to meet with industry specialists and gather new, essential business information,” said Jerad Bachar, Director of the Dubai Convention Bureau on behalf of Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. “It’s no secret that the tourism industry is feeling the effect of a tightening, global economy, and through initiatives such as the Summit, Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing hopes to assist in equip Middle East tourism marketing industry professionals with the tools to successfully manage their businesses through challenging times.”

Presented and conceived of by Dubai-based Fusion Marketing Management, the Summit is expected to host international tourism marketing professional and leaders in the marketing discipline. The event will take place over one and a half days at the Ottoman Palace by Rixos, on the Palm, Dubai, providing a new and unique destination resort experience as a backdrop for debate and discussion. The format will be varied based on potential delegate feedback, as identified in a recent survey, to include both panel discussions and speaker sessions in addition to presentations and site tours, ensuring attendees are exposed to a wide range of information and news pertaining to Middle East and global marketing in the tourism industry.

“Marketing matters in times of challenge, which world economies are now facing,” commented summit organiser and Fusion Executive Director, Nicki Page. “METMS: 2009 will provide a platform for Middle East tourism marketing’s hottest issues to come up for discussion and attendees will have the opportunity to voice their opinions about the region’s tourism industry and its future amongst industry colleagues and marketing leaders.”

Nicki Page paid tribute to Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commence Marketing as well as the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry for supporting such an initiative as the summit, which would assist the region’s marketing and finance professionals and general management in the industry drive demand for their product and services based on expert industry advice. “In times of greatest challenge, the greatest opportunities can arise through re-evaluation and changing the paradigm of thinking. Through the summit, DTCM and our partners aim to assist the region’s tourism industry in a very tangible way, in helping to formulate long-term marketing strategies, developing networks and alliances that will stand the industry in good stead during the current economic climate,” she said.

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry is delighted to support the first dedicated Middle East Tourism Marketing Summit in Dubai. Tourism is a vital component to the success of our destination and the Summit content will reflect the need for marketers within and associated to the tourism industry in the region, to stay ahead in terms of thinking, ideas and services to cater to domestic, regional and international tourism arrivals” said a Senior Representative of the Chamber.

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