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Boat Safari Guide - Compare Tanzania with New-Zealand

These Ratings have been compiled from a Survey of Visitors to The Tanzanian Islands who have previously experienced a holiday in New Zealand.  
Category Tanzanian Islands New-Zealand
Easy access to Flights
Unspoiled by tourism
Beautiful ports
Amenities and Restaurants
Ancient sites
Secluded anchorages
Spectacular scenery
Easy sailing conditions
Fishing Opportunities
Dive Sites
Fertile and lush vegetation
New Zealand Sailing Areas

Whangaparaoa Peninsula, Auckland, Wellington, Cook Strait, Marlborough Sounds, The Poor Knights Islands, Fiordland, Hauraki Gulf, Bay of Islands.

Articles - New Zealand Conservation  

New Zealand's Department of Conservation has set up safe havens on various islands off the New Zealand coast for endangered birds, plants and insects. Islands like the Poor Knights and Little Barrier off the Northland coast are typical of these safe havens. To ensure the safety of the wildlife, visitor numbers are strictly controlled and permits are needed to land there.
The weather is another factor making access difficult. There are other islands which have easy access to some of New Zealand's endangered wildlife. One of these is Tiritiri Matangi Island, just east of the Whangaparaoa Peninsula, one of Auckland's northern suburbs. Regular ferries take visitors to the island from downtown Auckland and from Gulf Harbour on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula. The island is an open sanctuary and is now predator free. Visitors can walk among birds that are almost extinct on mainland New Zealand. The large takahe, a colourful bird from the rail family, thought to be extinct until discovered in Fiordland in 1948, thrives on the island. They can be seen and photographed by visitors to the island in the bush areas and also around the open area near the shop. Other rare birds living there are saddleback, kakariki (red-crowned parakeet), kokako, North Island robin, stitchbird and the little spotted kiwi. These rare birds have been introduced from some of the island havens around the New Zealand coast, where they can breed without disturbance. Visitors to Tiritiri Matangi Island can join guided tours through the well marked tracks and along the board walks which protect the forest floor from damage. A day trip to this island is a must for anyone with an interest in birdlife. The bird chorus when the trees are in flower in the island's valleys is a memory which will linger for many years to come.
Kapiti Island off the west coast, north of Wellington is another sanctuary for endangered wildlife. The island is home to kiwi, takahe and saddleback and the large native parrot the kaka. Large numbers of wading birds feed near the island and the shallow water areas are a breeding ground for fish. In 1992 two areas of Kapiti Island's coastline were given marine reserve status.
Cook Strait and the Marlborough Sounds have small islands on which endangered species live.

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