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Boat Safari Guide - Compare Tanzania with South and Central America

These Ratings have been compiled from a Survey of Visitors to The Tanzanian Islands who have previously experienced a sailing holiday in South or Central America.  
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Easy access to Flights
Unspoiled by tourism
Beautiful ports
Amenities and Restaurants
Ancient sites
Secluded anchorages
Spectacular scenery
Easy sailing conditions
Fishing Opportunities
Dive Sites
Fertile and lush vegetation
South and Central America Sailing Areas

Belize, Brazil, Cancun, Mexico, Acapulco & the Mexican Riviera, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Belize, The Galapagos Islands, Argentina, Spanish Virgin Islands and Panama.

Articles - Tourism News South America  

The UNESCO reiterated its concerns for the preservation of Peru’s ancient Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. The head of the organization’s World Heritage Center, Italian Francesco Bandarin, stated again that the protection of Peru’s most visited attraction is the surrounding development based on increasing tourism

“Machu Picchu’s archaeological part is well preserved and protected. What it is worrisome is the chaotic and anarchistic development created through the pressures of growing tourism in the nearby town of Aguas Calientes”, he said. He maintained that all kinds of pressure exist for the area’s infrastructural development which is going to ruin the historical landscape of Machu Picchu.

Bandarin also criticized the construction of a bridge (Carrilluchayoc) to provide another access road for vehicles, which would alter Machu Picchu’s surroundings and makes the control of flowing tourists impossible. “Opening this fragile area for uncontrolled traffic of all kinds of vehicles is unacceptable”, he remarked.

According to official numbers, three thousand people visit the sanctuary on a daily basis. Since 1981 it has been declared Historical Sanctuary as well as World Heritage Site by UNESCO because of its archaeological importance as well as its unique flora such as the orchids that you may find aplenty.

Bandarin put the problem of Machu Picchu in the same category as the Galápagos Islands (Ecuador) and the Mayan ruins of Copán in Honduras. “They are all dark spots in Latin America as far as their preservation is concerned”, he added. “Galápagos is a very serious problem and we are really worried. It is a very fragile site that cannot be treated like the Canary Islands. In Galápagos the criteria of sustainable development cannot be applied, that is impossible”, he emphasized.

In the case of Honduras, he criticized the government-backed project of constructing a new airport in the neighborhood of the Copán ruins, only to give tourism another boost. In his opinion, it will have a negative influence on the Pre-Columbian city located near the border to Guatemala. “Tourism is an increasing threat to the protected sites”.

“Many people are worried about Machu Picchu, the Copán ruins, and Galápagos”, Bandarin said in his finalizing statement at a meeting for Latin American World Heritage that closed in Santiago de Chile today.

He explained that these precious sites are in danger mainly because of an accelerated growth of an uncontrolled tourism industry. “It is the largest industry in the world. But sometimes it becomes a direct threat for the values that are protected by UNESCO”, he concluded.

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