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Liveaboard Fishing Holidays in the Tanzanian Islands

We operate Liveaboard Big Game fishing Charters onboard fully equipped sports fishing boats of over 30ft. Staying onboard a long range Power boat will allow you to taste the full range of fishing opportunities in Tanzania from the North in Pemba to the South in Mafia.

The Best Big Game Fishing Destinations in Tanzania include the Tanzanian Islands of Zanzibar and Pemba; The Dar es Salaam Mafia Channel and Kilwa in South Tanzania.

The boats are Crewed, full board catering is included and you can expect the highest levels of service and a good standard of comfort. Our knowledgeable and experienced Skippers will guide you to the best fishing spots and advice or instruct you on lots of different available fishing methods that are successful here. From bottom fishing with baits, Spinning with poppers and plugs, casting surface lures, Deep Jigging, Trolling (live, whole dead or strip baits), Drop shot and Fly fishing.

All Skippers strictly abide by local conservation rules regarding fishing. We keep only fish that is going to be eaten within a day and try to release as much as possible. All Bill fish and Giant Travelly are released.

Pictures of your Catches can be taken for personal records before releasing fish. If a possible world record is taken, the fish will be weighed on a calibrated scale at your request.

Your Experienced Skipper should be able to estimate the size of a fish allowing you to know it's weight and release the fish. The crew will assist you with the measurements of the fish.

Due to the area having an undeveloped commercial fishing industry, there is a large variety of species, fish stocks are high and fish grow to be as big as, or oftentimes bigger than can be found in more frequented destinations such as Hawaii, Mexico Baja, Australia, Alaska, Florida, Panama and Costa Rica.

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